Monday, December 5, 2011

SOAP server example

Recently at Openismus I was asked to write a SOAP server, which would run on an OpenWRT router set up by Dave. The server uses libsoup, so writing it was really straightforward, but fun. Of course there were some glitches, like trying to use SoupAddress to set up where server should listen - it ended up in segfaults somewhere inside libsoup. I decided to not use it in the end, but Jens gave me a hint about a function of SoupAddres resolving it first. Segfaults are clearly a sign of bug somewhere in libsoup. Primarily SOAP server had to be someting bigger but for now ended up as an example. There are some things lacking for sure. Like actual compliance to SOAP standard (probably), documentation or subclassing the SoupServer into SoapServer and providing some nice interface hiding all ugly details. But at least it has autotools based build system, client application and some basic tests. So it maybe doesn't look that bad. The code (LGPL 3+) is on Openismus Playground.

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